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Refer a friend Policy Easy Consult

1. Overview

This policy describes the process and scheme for all candidates who wish to refer a friend for an advertised by Easy Consult position.

2. Definitions and Terms

The successful Referral includes:

  • A file with the CV/Resume/Profile or a link to a LinkedIn profile containing valid contact details for the Referral (phone number, email);
  • Contact details of the Referrer;
  • The referred person should be aware of their application for the particular position and interested in it;
  • When submitted via e-mail or from the free form on the Home page, the Referrer must specify for which position the Friend’s CV/Resume/LinkedIn profile is being referred for;
  • The RAF bonus is payable 100%, after 4 months of successful employment of the referral, and collected from one of the main offices of Easy Consult (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Shumen).

3. Purpose

This policy provides detailed information about the Refer-a-Friend process and regulation. In particular, it explains how candidates can refer friends for open positions through Easy Consult and how they can get recommendation bonus for this referral.

4. Scope

This policy is applicable for all candidates, who are not Easy Consult employees. The limitations are defined in Section 7: Exclusions.

5. Policy

5.1. RAF Eligibility Requirements:

  • The referrer must submit their referrals via the Easy Consult RAF portal https://raf.easyconsult.bg/ or via email raf@easyconsult.eu in order for Easy Consult to validate the referrals and place a reward.
  • Each friend can be referred only once. The Referrer will only receive one RAF bonus regardless of the number of positions that the referred friend was referred for.
  • If one friend has been in our database or processed by Easy Consult through another channel during the last 6 months, that friend couldn’t be considered as a referral.
  • If someone has been referred by more than one referrers, the valid referral is the one that’s been submitted first through the Easy Consult RAF email - raf@easyconsult.eu or the RAF portal.

5.2. RAF Bonus Payment Policy:

  • To qualify for a reward, your referred friend must be referred and placed within a 6-month period from the referral date.
  • The RAF bonus is payable 100% after 4 months of successful employment of the referral at, but not limited to, a client of Easy Consult.
  • The announced bonuses are net amounts.
  • Only successfully hired referrals are eligible for a Refer-a-Friend Bonus. Successfully hired is considered a referral who stays with the company for the period of 4 months.
  • The RAF bonus will be received if and only if the referral has been hired against a position that is eligible for a Refer-a-Friend Bonus. If the Referred friend has been hired on a position without a proper announcement by the refferer, the referral would not be eligible for a RAF bonus. Please ensure you check whether your referral is valid prior to making your submission or contact us at raf@easyconsult.eu to check other available RAF positions.
  • The placement of the referred candidate must take place within 6 months of the referral that’s been made. Any placements after 6 months will not be eligible for a bonus.
  • The responsibility remains with the Referrer to contact Easy Consult at raf@easyconsult.eu to claim their RAF bonus.

6. Policy Compliance

  • Easy Consult is not required to fulfil rewards if the above RAF channels and requirements has not been followed.
  • Please, carefully consider the requirements of specific vacancies and the suitability of potential candidates, prior to submission.
  • Easy Consult will conduct interviews with only those referred candidates who meet our required needs, and will extend employment offers only to those candidates who, in our opinion, are the most qualified, regardless of how the candidates came to our attention.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and you will be awarded a referral bonus for each valid, successful referral.
  • Where a candidate is not initially hired for the specific vacancy that’s been referred for, but a recruiter then considers them for another vacancy as a result of your referral, you will be eligible for any referral bonus offered for the other vacancy within 6-month period.
  • RAF participants must operate in good faith.
  • Easy Consult has the right to terminate the program at any time.

7. Exclusions:

  • Easy Consult employees cannot refer a friend through this program.
  • You cannot refer an existing employee of Easy Consult under this scheme.
  • You cannot refer yourself under this scheme.